Funny Cats & Dogs

Funny Cats & Dogs


Cats are the most loving thing you can give a home to and whilst at the same time can be the most vicious things you have ever seen. Dogs can be vicious but they are not very clever sometimes. It is difficult to know which is the more dangerous.


A cat is not a friend for life unlike a dog. The cat takes over the house and there is nothing you can do about. Too many times potential owners think it is a wonderful idea to get a cat for either themselves or their family to find they have made a bid mistake.


Cats are territorial  but funny – they will keep you awake at night making so much noise outside fighting with other cats that you have to get up to make sure nobody is being murdered in the street. 

This applies to a “I am out at night cat”. There are those cats who never go out and do all of their loving, living and all their other things in the house.


Beware of the furniture. Make it clear from the start what they can scratch and what they can’t. Believe me they are destroyers of all thing’s fabric including your best leather suite.

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From the moment they come home they need house training. You can get a good book on this as I am not going into this right now. 

Then they need to know where they can go and where they can’t. Never ever let them on your food surfaces. Cats carry a very nasty disease that can make humans go blind.

Ok now what happens if you have a dog and they don’t get on together?


You are in big trouble. The Cat will scratch your dog’s eyes out if it can and believe me that is not pleasant for anyone.

Funny dogs are usually small dogs as they are seen as cute and attractive to women owners, whereas large dogs are seen a masculine and friendly to men


You should make sure they get on together before settling down. Ask whoever you are buying either the funny cat from can you have the lovely little thing for a sleep over for the night? This will tell you if they will get on together or fight like Cat and Dog – apologies for that one.!!


Food, well you think you are fussy – wait until you get a funny cat – not just any old thing will do. Most cats have a real preference for expensive food. 

You have to hope your cat doesn’t grow into a thumper or all your spare cash will go on visits to the Supermarket to buy choice packets of food or even fresh fish. Your cat is more likely to eat better than you


Oh, by the way, Do You Have An allergy?

You would be very wise to make sure you are not allergic to cats before you acquire one. It also applies to dogs but maybe not as severely.

This can be a nightmare after the event especially if you have bought the little creature for a child. It will be very difficult for you to divorce yourself from the cat.


It’s also going to be time to invest in a super strong vacuum cleaner you won’t believe where all the hairs come from and get into

Lastly, Cats get fleas – fleas love fabrics, carpets and of course beds. Fleas also love humans. Once you get them, they are difficult to treat. You have to put your cat on a permanent dose of flea killer trust me you will need it  – you have been warned!


You will also have to be prepared for vet’s bills. Oh yes – these can be very expensive, and you will need medical insurance as the costs of long-term illness or operations is usually the price of a small car

Have I put you off yet? I hope not but I think I will let you find out for yourself

Best of Luck!!

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